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Tax Services

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Tax Compliance

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Our tax experts will provide supporting to corporate tax issues , tax obligations, and monitor the monthly and annual requirements. 

Indirect taxes, VAT, stamp duties, custom and excise taxes, cover a vast area of the obligations of a person or a legal entity.

Real estate taxes, inheritance, donation or parental taxes  often connected with the tax planning of individuals and companies. 

Tax advisory

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There is an increaseing risk as your business grows. We can assist you with understanding of the environment, strategic planning the future growth and tax optimisation.

The opportunities in M&A activities and your plans will be affected by the tax structure. We will support your plans advising you on understanding and designing a tax structure that will support your plans and reduce any hindrance.

A Tax Due Diligence will provide you a clear understanding of the risk you will assume and we will provide you with risk mitigation actions and valuation adjustments during the negotiations with the other parties.

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